What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet and hands enabling the body to heal itself. Reflexes in the hands and feet correspond to each organ and structure in the body and are linked to these organs by energy channels or meridians. These energy pathways can become blocked due to stress, illness, injury or disease. Reflexology can help to clear any blockages and this enables the body to heal itself.

All areas of the body can be worked on the feet, for example, the spine, digestive system and the nervous system can be affected by working on the corresponding reflex area on the feet.

Reflexology can benefit everyone and is suitable for all conditions including:

Stress related conditions
Digestive complaints
Aches and pains

Reflexology is an effective and safe therapy that can relax, balance and harmonise the body.

What happens when you go for treatment?

On your first visit there is a preliminary talk that covers your medical history and any problems that you may be having. I will then begin to work on your feet, noting any problem areas. These usually feel like grainy or spongy areas and can indicate that there is an imbalance or problem in the corresponding part of the body. There may be discomfort in some places but this is usually fleeting, and the treatment overall is wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable.

The first appointment takes about 1 hours and subsequent appointments take 1 hour.

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