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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet enabling the body to heal itself. Reflexes in the feet correspond to each organ and structure in the body and are linked to these organs by energy channels or meridians. These energy pathways can become blocked due to stress, illness, injury or disease. Reflexology can help to clear any blockages and this enables the body to heal itself.

All areas of the body can be worked on the feet, for example, the spine, digestive system and the nervous system can be affected by working on the corresponding reflex area on the feet.

Reflexology can benefit everyone and is suitable for all conditions.

Advanced Reflexology (ART) is a range of techniques that allows the therapist to work deeply and effectively on reflex areas on the feet. It makes for a powerful, healing treatment.

Limbic reflexology is a new and exciting technique that works on brain reflex areas in the feet to bring about homeostasis or balance to the body.
It uses pinpoint areas to work certain brain area reflexes and can be used for emotional and physical pain, anxiety and stress.
Limbic reflexology is a powerful treatment that I use in conjunction with each standard treatment as it is such an important area to work'

Lymphatic reflexology works to aid lymphatic drainage via the feet.

Neuroflexology is a 10 minute, light touch treatment that works on the nervous system to activate the body's own healing power. It is a powerful and deeply relaxing treatment that I often use at the end of your treatment.

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