Weight Loss

Whatever reason you want to loose weight for, I will give you weight loss advice that is based on solid nutrition science and not gimmicky diets. There is no calorie counting or constantly weighing yourself. It is an eating plan that will optimise good health as well as weight loss.

I will give you professional advice that will cut the myths from the facts.

Focusing on health is the main aim, and even just a small loss in weight can give great health benefits including:

• Fall in fasting glucose in diagnosed diabetics
• A fall in blood pressure in those with hypertension
• A fall in cholesterol levels
• Reduced joint pain
• Increased energy and vitality
• Reduction in the frequency of sleep apnoea

Your weight loss programme will use food health expertise to help the body to balance blood sugar levels, balance hormone levels, stop food cravings, build muscle and balance your metabolism.

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