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Karen is an excellent and very experienced Reflexologist. I am a trained therapist myself and chose Karen as my own regular reflexologist because of her excellent skill set, lovely calm personality and genuine caring nature. I always feel lifted by her treatments and recommend her whole heartedly to anyone looking for really effective and professional reflexology.
Paul Denton, Sheffield 25th June 2019

I can honestly say that you wont find a better practitioner than Karen. I have found her to be highly skilled and knowledgeable, professional, empathetic and kind and over the last 10 years I have trusted her to help me overcome IBS and stomach problems, anxiety and stress. I continue to see Karen regularly as I have learnt that reflexology is also excellent for helping maintain good health and well being. I truly cannot recommend Karen more highly.

Helen J.

Firstly, Karen is a lovely person - she is extremely friendly, kind and empathetic and really puts you at your ease. She is also a very good practitioner and immensely knowledgeable, not only about reflexology but many other aspects of health and well being.

Her treatment room is comfortable and calming and totally adds to the whole reflexology experience.

I have been seeing Karen now regularly for several months and having initially visited with stress and anxiety, she has also helped with several other concerns too.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone considering exploring the benefits of reflexology.

Julie P

In 2001, I was diagnosed with ME/CFS. Over the years I have tried a number of complimentary treatments to help me deal with this illness and some of its associated problems. I have found that reflexology suites me best and I have received treatment from Karen for several years. Reflexology helps to rebalance - or keep in balance various body functions which are impacted by continued stress and ill health. I still find it amazing that tender parts of my feet relate to parts of the body but when tender areas are identified I can always associate it with how I am feeling. I can often tell when I am ready for another session. This isn't a cure but it helps me deal with life and helps me relax.
Karen has also given me helpful advice on nutrition, relaxation and dealing with stress and anxiety. Karen is friendly and approachable and I would recommend her treatments. I look forward to my appointments and consider reflexology a treat as well as a treatment.


I have been coming to see Karen for reflexology for over 10 years.. She is extremely good and very caring. Her advice on alternative medicines is invaluable. I have tried and tested quite a few things and they definitely beat any of the usual medications recommended by the doctor. I know everything cannot be cured by alternative medicine but very much can and you feel so much better in yourself.

Like everything you have to believe and you must try. My aches and pains are 100% better . Once a month or once every 6 weeks I find is the ideal visit.

Pam C

I first visited Karen for reflexology when expecting my first child in 2009. It was recommended to prepare me for the birth and help with general pregnancy niggles. After the first session my joints felt less strained and after the second session I felt a general sense of well being. I booked a third session for after my due date but never made it - I gave birth to a healthy baby boy two days early!

After being diagnosed with the painful symphysis pubis dysfunction in my second pregnancy, I turned to Karen once more and was amazed with the results. After only one session my pelvis was far less painful and I found it easier to walk, climb stairs and turn over in bed. The second session was just as fantastic and I came away feeling positive that I might get the natural birth that I wanted. Sure enough, I had a quick water birth on my due date with only minimal gas and air for the pushing stage!

I highly recommend Karen for her knowledge, professionalism and care.

Anna E.

I have been a client of Karen's for the past 12 years and have attended for all different problems which include hormonal problems, back pain and general stresses and strains through the years. Karen has always been professional and approachable, she is friendly and easy-going and goes out of her way to help with whatever conditions which you may have. Initially I was a little apprehensive of seeking holistic help but have found the sessions invaluable over the years. Karen has become a good friend and always provides a welcoming and relaxing environment in which to escape and revive. Karen is always ready to listen and to provide the help which you need and because of her expertise and experience I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone !

N. Beckingham

I have enjoyed reflexology treatments with Karen on a regular basis
since 2004.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and after undergoing surgery,
chemotherapy and radiotherapy I decided to try reflexology to help improve my immune system.

I have certainly benefited from the care and expertise of Karen, a
highly qualified professional and a lovely person. I consider the treatments as an
essential part of my well-being and look forward to every appointment.

I have known Karen for over three years.
Following Karen's advice on diet and lifestyle changes alongside the
reflexology I now very rarely suffer with migraines any more.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen as I have always found
her to be very professional as well as kind and caring.

D. Taylor

Having had ME for over twenty years, I started seeing Karen at a low point in my condition for reflexology. I have always had reflexology and found it helpful, having seen half a dozen reflexologists over the years, Karen is definitely the best. In addition she has given me invaluable nutritional and aroma therapy advice along the way. She is kind and thoughtful. I would thoroughly recommend her without hesitation.

Mark C

I haven't been going to Karen very long for reflexology-since September 2015 so I've only had five sessions. However, when I visited Karen yesterday for my 5th session I told her the past month is the best I've been. I suffer from anxiety related IBS (although at times food can also affect me), so as well as Karen working on my feet she has given me some useful tips when coping with anxiety. This has been helpful, as something as simple as travelling on a bus can cause a problem at times. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen and I shall continue to go to her for a monthly session of reflexology treatment, as I am sure reflexology is helping me. She is also a friendly person and the room where she practises emits a calming presence.
Mrs D.

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